Introducing The Windsor End

Have you been looking to change it up? Conscious about the products you are using and where they come from? So were we…

Consciously created

Back in 2018 we couldn’t find any decent pomades that worked well, and which didn’t have nasty ingredients in them.

Other pomades use animal products such as beeswax and lanolin or linalool. We’ve ditched these and chosen an all vegan line up of nourishing soy wax, hemp seed oil and Kakadu plum.

And let’s not forget palm oil – this was our biggest test. Palm oil is in so many products across your local supermarket, it’s just crazy. Palm oil farming and the increasing demand for this product is having a terrible environmental impact in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Colombia, where minimal government regulations allow farmers to clear natural habitats, decimating oranguatan and other animal species.

So now we challenge you. Go into your bathroom, grab your pomade and check it out. What’s in yours? Do you know what those ingredients are? If you’d like to make a conscious decision to keep it clean, then why not check out The Windsor End. 




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