Avoiding palm oil

Pomades and palm oil

Have you heard of palm oil? Awareness of this product and the negative environmental impact is growing, but this awareness has a long way to go. Demand for palm oil has severe environmental impacts on forests and animals such as orangutans and tigers, and results in deforestation across Indonesia, Malaysia and Colombia.

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Image taken by Jorge Fanganillo, Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia, courtesy of Jorge Franganillo https://unsplash.com/@franganillo


Palm oil and palm oil derived ingredients are in products found right across your local supermarket, from food to cosmetics.

Everything we do at The Windsor End is done consciously, with the health of the environment and ourselves in mind. From choosing aluminium packaging over plastic, because we know that aluminum is by far the most recycled packaging waste by people and local councils, to the ingredients in our pomade.  So in 2019, we set out to formulate pomades that avoided palm oil.


Avoiding palm oil

Avoiding palm oil was not easy. Palm oil is in so many common products, which meant that our choice of ingredients to formulate a performance pomade was narrow. Avoiding palm oil was difficult, and more expensive. Knowing the serious impacts of palm oil farming on Malaysia, Indonesia and Colombia’s forests, we decided to help raise awareness of this issue also.


Palm oil free

We’re product to say, as for as we know and we’ve checked with all the main palm oil free certifiers in Australia, Europe and USA, in 2020 The Windsor End was the world’s first palm oil free pomade.


Sustainable palm oil

Sustainable palm oil is more commonly chosen by brands and also promoted. However, leaders in this field like Tracey Bailey who founded www.biome.com.au have decided to avoid sustainable palm also.

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