How we avoided animals products

Choosing a vegan pomade – with animal alternative ingredients


Are you looking for a vegan pomade? Perhaps you’re vegan, or you like to choose animal alternative products where possible.

Many pomades available include animal derived ingredients like lanolin and beeswax.

So we said, stuff that. The Windsor End pomades are formulated to avoid animal derived ingredients. Why not choose plant based ingredients that perform just as good, if not better, and are natural and nourishing. We sourced and tested plant based ingredients like soy wax, shea butter and avocado oil. We tested these friendlier alternatives on ourselves, to ensure they well styled and performed as we intended.

vegan australia certified the windsor end pomade
PETA cruelty free and vegan certified certification The Windsor End approved vegan

We’re proud to say that our performance pomades have been certified by Vegan Australia , and people for the ethical treatment of animal, PETA as vegan and cruelty free.

If you’d like to avoid animal derived products, next time you purchase a pomade, take a minute to check the ingredient list to see if beeswax, lanolin or linalool are included.


For more info on The Windsor End's certifications below, follow the links

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