Our pomades are certified by Vegan Australia

As a Melbourne company, it was important for us to achieve vegan certification with Vegan Australia.

Vegan Australia certified pomade The Windsor End Melbourne Australia

We're proud to say that we have achieved this with our Clay Pomade. Plus, we will only release new products once they have also been certified by Vegan Australia.

Formed in 2012, Vegan Australia is a strong voice, advocating veganism to governments, institutions, corporations and in the media.

Vegan Australia believe that people have no need for animal products, and we have proven this point by formulating pomades free of animal ingredients, simply by choosing alternatives.

Do you prefer to choose vegan products? If so, do you know if your pomade has animal derived ingredients? Take a closer look for beeswax and lanolin. And if you want to make a conscious choice, then please check out our pomades.

If you would like to find out more about Vegan Australia, visit their website at this link https://www.veganaustralia.org.au/


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