Pomade ingredients The Windsor End avoided

Pomade ingredients that we avoided


Most pomade brands are low cost to make, sometimes with low prices and give brands high margins. Natural ingredients are avoided in formulations to keep costs down, and margins high.

So, at The Windsor End, we started with premium natural ingredients, building clean pomade formulations with ingredients we all know like soy wax, hemp seed oil, avocao oil, shea butter and Kakadu plum. Take a look at the ingredients list of the pomades in your bathroom and see if you know the ingredients listed.

When it comes to preservatives most high volume pomades include synthetic ingredients like parabens and SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. We’er all becoming more aware about the safety questions marks around some ingredients, and we’re more aware of synthetics like parabens and SLS.


Petrolatum, a by product of the petroleum industry, is found in many pomades. Used as a base and to emulsify or mix with other ingredients. Of course we avoided this, and instead chose to premium and natural soy wax, coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter and hemp seed oil.

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Choosing natural

Of course we steered clear of any nasty stuff, formulating a clean pomade, with an ECO CERT https://www.ecocert.com/en certified organic preservative, developed and manufactured in Germany. Our pomades also include citric acid for preservation.

So, next time you choose a pomade, take an extra minute to check the ingredients list. Keep an eye out for synthetic ingredients, do some research on what’s safe, and make the call yourself.


To find out more about our vegan and palm oil free certifications click this link https://www.thewindsorend.com/pages/certifications-vegan-cruelty-free-palm-oil-free